“Out of everything I’ve been involved with to enhance employee engagement in my career, using Strength Finders to develop a strengths-based culture is the one that employees have embraced the most.”
Greg Adams, Best Western International
“The most meaningful part of Resort Day was time for self reflection on my strengths and how I can use them even more effectively.”
Diana from Scottsdale
“The way people perceive themselves and their talents is incredibly helpful for understanding how to work best with them.”
Felipe Carreras
“This is really great, because I now see just how capable and competent I am.”
Joanne from Peoria
“It was the Resort Day that helped me move and shift something. It helped me start listening to myself more.”
Tammy from Mesa
“I didn’t think I was going to gain anything from the Strengths Seminar, and it was productive – most productive one in 30 years. Most give procedures; this now was the first that said, ‘You look at yourself’.”
Michael Graziano, Best Western International
“I am being able to find meaning and higher purpose in my activities.”
Kishan from Chandler
“Every time I come in I feel like there is more to it and that it is even bigger than I ever imagined.”
Andrew Roundtree
“The fact that you [New Heights – Stormy Rose] are here and doing this with us helps cement this in the organization itself — otherwise it is just a book and a test and doesn’t come to life.”
Curtis Pendleton, Best Western International
“Don’t focus on improving your weaknesses – but don’t ignore them.”
Greg Adams
“I need to spend more time understanding the balconies and basements of my new team members to really understand their talents.”
Harold Dibler, Best Western International
“I take home today an idea of how to utilize Strengths with my team — now I feel like I have a team.”
Andrew Roundtree
“The more this [Strengths] is at the top of mind and in front of you, the better you get at understanding yourself and others and the better you communicate both up and down.”
Curtis Pendleton, Best Western International
“I’m studying my basements to help me avoid weaknesses.”
Darrel Cranford
“I’ve gone through a lot of things similar to Strengths Finder. More people are embracing some form of this than I’ve seen with anything else in over 20 years.”
Darrell Cranford, Best Western International
“You made me think more about my team and their strengths and how they match up with me so that I can better relate to my team.”
Donald Martinez
“I’m so happy that Greg brought Strengths to Best Western because it was needed. To know our individual talents and how we can leverage those with others will really help us int he serve area to meet our daily goals, and it will strengthen our team relationships.”
Edith Johnson, Best Western International
“I learned how I can help the team utilize their skills and work with each other on a day-to-day basis while they are doing their job.”
Linda Messec
“This [StrengthsFinder] is something to get excited about. It is much better than anything I’ve had before.”
Paula Warren