Give to Yourself

There are only a few Resort Days scheduled each year.
Small groups (4-8) are privately scheduled in advance.

Spend a day

  • learning about yourself
  • connecting with others
  • discovering your strengths
  • experiencing others recognizing your strengths

A completed Resort Day not only feeds you in many ways and begins your growth, it also provides you with a greatly reduced price of a personal Strengths package when you value yourself enough to reach your FULL potential.

Resort Day

“Would you benefit from a day that feeds you and pampers you while you learn about your strengths?”
“How much joy and fulfillment could you experience with a day of pampering that sends you home with customized tools and resources to continue your Strengths learning and applications?”
“What group of friends or small team could you gather to best benefit from a Resort Day?”

Gather at least 4 and Contact Stormy to PURCHASE and schedule your own Resort Day!

Uncover hidden strengths and talents inside you. Give yourself one Resort Day to find and feed yourself.

Full Resort Day (9:00 am – 5:00 pm)

  • meals
  • meditation
  • massage
  • strength assessment
  • individual reflection
  • partner strength activities
  • group discussions

An individual Strengths Session is also included in the package and is scheduled for a later time of your convenience.
Everything (meals, massage, tips for massage, StrengthsFinder 2.0, personalized material) – no hidden costs – $500 each.

 Contact Stormy TODAY
to schedule your group’s Resort Day.

Resort Day Testimonials

“The most meaningful part of Resort Day was time for self reflection on my strengths and how I can use them even more effectively.”
Diana from Scottsdale
“It was the Resort Day that helped me move and shift something. It helped me start listening to myself more.”
Tammy from Mesa
“This [Strengths Finder] is something to get excited about. It is much better than anything I’ve had before.”
Paula Warren

Discover Yourself

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