Improve Your Life

The private session package can help improve your life through explorationunderstanding, and use of all five of your significant talents and comes with a 100% guarantee

The package includes:

  • A Get to Know You Session
  • A StrengthsFinder 2.0 Book
  • StrengthsFinder Assessment
  • Five Individual One-Hour Discussions to discover, acknowledge and utilize unique strengths
  • Phone and email available between sessions to ensure the greatest growth 
Additional Private Sessions:

The Strengths package begins to improve your life through exploration, understanding and use of all five of your significant talents. 

Additional sessions can continue growth and life improvement as you examine and utilize all dominant and supportive talents.

Hire A Strengths Certified Coach

Even Forbes is recommending hiring a strengths certified business coach.

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Coaching Testimonials

“I always take home a sense of total peace.”
Tammy from Gilbert
“I’m understanding myself better.”
Marilyn from Mesa
“I am being able to find meaning and higher purpose in my activities.”
Kishan from Chandler
“I can be focused and am able to guide my life.”
Joanne from Peoria
“There are some really neat things about myself that I never realized until you and I talked about them.”
Marilyn from Mesa
“This is really great, because I now see just how capable and competent I am.”
Joanne from Peoria
“I am more centered.”
Kishan from Chandler

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